Recognition of Consciousness and Inner Self


The must have application Level 2 on the quest to awake and quench your Higher Self, in clearing Perception within the human Mind. As Albert Einstein coined it: “When the Mind is blind the eyes cannot see”

When you feel or felt the weight of life on your inner are reaching out for the invisible life are seeking that life line of fulfillment... which require a shift in Perception

The perception engrained into our human cells from the moment of conception is a structured reality, based on the environment we are living in or are exposed to. Even if the structure is not beneficial to you, it will be part of your perceived reality. Perception is the ability to lift the veil and see clearly what is truly REAL. In today’s world everyone connected to IT Conscious is exposed to profiling, which interacts with our perception.
Perception is the organization, identification and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the environment.
The perceptual systems of the brain enables individuals to see the world around them as stable, even though the sensory information is typically incomplete and rapidly varying.

The first step on this pathway of clearing perception is to RAISE awareness of previous programming and conditioning of the MIND. We are inundated with unwanted data downloads from multiple sources such as media, subliminal marketing, consumer profiling and BCI (Brain - Computer- Interface). Make the first step of realization and let this APP engage and awaken your MIND.
Consequences of unfiltered information intake promote negativity, depression, self doubt, low self esteem, low confidence and low sense of worth. Medication, therapy or self help books attempt to cure the condition, but in reality don’t solve the core issues.
The solution is a clear perception of what really is!!
When Perception is the internal switchboard for changing Biochemicals in the human body, then the key question arises: " how do I access my MIND to update, change or adjust the foundation of my Perception".
One of the keys to awakening the inner self and consequently raising the vibration and frequency of the human body, is how we filter or perceive available information or data. The benefits of clearing the Perception is the realization or exposure to truth.The wisdom of people like A.Einstein, Steve Jobs or others lies in the clearness of Perception, being able to tap into the CODE! Let your inner child go onto that quest to clear, explore and claim control over your own MIND.
In using this application, perhaps multiple times, you may enhance the development of your personal filter system and more importantly heighten the awareness of your Mind by Expanding Your Consciousness to truth.

Questions to ask your self after watching Perception, Level 2

  • Is my life on a level where I want it to be?
  • Do I see the glass half full or half empty all the time?
  • What is my state of MIND? What can I do to adjust and raise my vibrational level?
  • How do I raise my personal frequency to be above negativity, depression, self doubt, low self esteem, low confidence and/ or low sense of worth?
  • Do I really seek that life line of fulfillment?
  • Do I have a good idea about MY Soul and MY Spirit, in MY Body, and what it is?
  • Do I have the concept, that my perception is really a switch board for changing my reality?