Healing Arts

Detlef Joe Friede

Detlef Joe Friede and Cindy Mesic are the  channellers - chosen by the Divine/ Universe - of this “Expand your Consciousness” App series. It is important to know that this App series DOES NOT have any hypnotic aspects, technology or subliminal components attached or worked in !!!!
On Earthplane level, Detlef is the current (2012 -2017) President of Canadian Hypnosis Association (www.canadianhypnosisassociation.ca). He holds a Master Certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and is a member of the US Guild of Hypnotherapists of America. He with his predecessor and his late mentor, Diane B. Cherry, have worked to educate people Worldwide on the Ancient Art and Science of Hypnosis, an amazing, safe and effective therapy.
Detlef continues to be a keynote speaker, teacher, and therapist to CEO’s, movie stars, athletes, First Responders and everyday people, helping them to heal and reach their full potential. Detlef with his Divine connection has the ability through a relaxed conscious state to reboot ones mind and body mechanisms and start the process to true change. Clients have reported great shifts in letting go of negative thought patterns, regained stability, and awareness. Detlef can help to start you on your road to recovery.
He studied for decades the Ancient Mystery Knowledge for instance with the world renowned Dr. Sharon Forrest and Christine Kollofrath as well as the late Canadian Hypnotherapy Association founder, Diana Cherry. He also was the Founder of Oceanside Art of Hypnosis and Energy Healing Education Centre on Vancouver Island (see his full bio at www.gohypnosis.ca).
Detlef travels extensively in North America and Europe helping people to unlock their full potential and help them to heal  Cancer, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, phobias, and those suffering from intense stress.
For instance he works with the Angel Hands team in Vancouver, BC, Canada (www.angelhands.ca) on the Trauma Release Treatments, Dynamic Tandem Treatments and the Integrated Programs
and in Calgary, AB, Canada with the team of world renowned psychic Jenna Kuhlen (


Cindy Mesic

the visual channeling creative artist was born and raised on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC. She is gifted with a very natural artistic talent, that was already recognized at a young age. Cindy has created a broad portfolio expressing herself and Universal input and influence within multiple mediums. Preferably working with acrylics and pencil Cindy has evolved her style of a spiritual / abstract representation and is always pursuing new inspirations in expressing that Universal channeled artistic information.

Most of her artwork goes back to channeled images, which are part of her strong connections to ancient artistic applications and a general connection to Source. Many times she got woken up at 3.00am in the morning, receiving images, which she eventually brought to life. Being on a spiritual pathway quite early in life, Cindy  found her Soulmate Richard in High School and has a complete supporting family, who keep her busy, when she is not working in her studio.
Cindy as a multi talented artist, also further developed her gifts and knowledge in natural healing alternative. For instance she got certified as a Hypnotherapist in Year 2012 and is practicing this Healing Art ever since.
Her impressive portfolio has never been shown to the General Public over all these Years!
It was channeled from the Universe with the purpose to be the foundation of this App series.
The hidden codes and language of all created artwork made no sense at time, it was just used for personal growth and creative expression.

It is all about Divine timing, so now the artwork and Cindy left the cocoon.


Paul Armitage

Paul Armitage, the musician behind our App series is a widely recognized international recording artist, composer and musician.  He has performed at many events, and spiritual gatherings worldwide as a featured artist in Australia, the USA and Canada, Japan, Europe, India and the Middle East.  Paul has been a featured performer at the Wesak celebration in Mt. Shasta, has performed at World Angel Day in London and Los Angeles, and has also performed at spiritual pilgrimages to the Great Pyramids, the Vatican , the Taj Mahal and many other sacred sites worldwide.

Paul provides for individual’s, recorded directly to CD, Musical Soul Portraits; original, one of a kind, spontaneously performed compositions, - that musically express the Beauty of one’s Soul Essence, - serving as a powerful tool of Self-Remembrance, reminding the listener of the greatness of their True Self.