The Identifier

What is your state of MIND and Subconscious

The Identifier

The must have application, Level 3, on the quest to awake and quench your Higher Self, in identifying your state of MIND and the content of your core Belief structure. Reality check: Each of us has the ability to connect to the Higher Self, in reality we have been conditioned to ignore that capability. As identified in Level 2, “When the Mind is blind the eyes cannot see”. We owe it to ourselves to investigate what is REAL or natural. We must identify and deal with all wanted or unwanted data, as it enters our MIND and gets categorized and stored within our memory. The emphasis is the identification and recognition of what we don’t need to retain on our emotional level, and removing it from the system before it impacts the physical and emotional state. In focusing on positive influence and building on positive life experiences and structures, you can dissociate from any negativities or stresses, while your subconscious is doing all the work, absorbing the benefits of Level 3.

Each and every one of us can identify with fear, stress, pain, anxiety, shame, guilt, grief, anger, resentment, doubt, tension, anger, hate, rage, betrayal, embarrassment. The difference within every human being is the way of processing and managing such emotions and energies. In order to shed off those burdens of negative related energies and data, it has to be found, identified and eventually resolved and addressed.
The Identifier, Level 4, helps you to detect the amount of negative thoughts, core Beliefs, Mind decoded information (i.e. Gestalt, Meta programming, Filter system). Within IT conscious it is possible to find a key search word within 0.30 seconds, which can have a result content of Millions of data entry. However, no computer at this point in time has the capability to change thought processes and identify unwanted data.
There are in principle two types of storage systems within the Human body: Positive entries and negative experiences.
Identifying one or the other, allows the Mind to start the process of resolving, addressing and clearing perception. (see Level 2 - Perception)
With this building block you will be enabled to identify, elevate and heighten your awareness to incoming and pre existing information.

Questions to ask your self  watching The Identifier, Level 3

  • Am I dealing with either/ or fear, stress, pain, anxiety, shame, guilt, grief, anger, resentment, doubt, tension, anger, hate, rage, betrayal, embarrassment on a daily basis?
  • Can I start to connect the dots and start to find all the answers I carry already, without knowing?
  • Am I dealing with emotions, where I have no idea where they come from? 
  • Am I ready to create a list of all negatively charged core beliefs, which have been implanted from third parties or have been self created in order to cope with certain life circumstances (i.e." whatever I do... it’s never good enough", etc)
  • What does it take to start thinking independently for my own self identification, shielding me from any harm and destruction from the outside.
  • How do I break out of any submissive state in creating a formula for self ascendancy (governing or controlling influence over my personal life)
  • How can I retain positive thoughts and emotions and utilize it in order to benefit and expand myself and my being?