The Tool Box

Raising your frequency and vibrational levels

the Tool Box

The must have application, Level 5, on the quest for expanding your consciousness, working the tool box and raising your vibrations and frequencies. Understanding and using the right tool for the job is the next essential building block. While everyone is searching for a huge toolbox to fix a multitude of problems and issues - there is only one tool needed to unlock the power of your own MIND
The energy within your MIND (Prana) IS that tool.

Understanding the complexity of this tool, Level 5, will become your manual, on how to utilize this ancient wisdom for personal gain and benefits. You will be able to learn to access data base storage of emotions and energies and start with managing positive life experiences.
This is your moment, where you can completely connect to the heights of Quantum Field benefits. This application Level 5 can strike a resonant cord within your cellular patterning or structure, that aligns every cell of your being with frequencies, that occurred in the moment of enlightenment or perfection.

Reflections, using The Tool Box, Level 5

  • Recognize, realize and understand the tools you have already available in your system, which open the doors to the Gateway..... clearing perceptions and identifying and utilizing energy flow..... re connecting to your own thoughts, feelings and emotions, inner strength and wisdom.
  • Dial up your own vibrational level like a volume control on your stereo system.
  • Using the Tool Box, Level 5, through Introspection, examine your own conscious thoughts and feelings.
  • Use your Mind to identify with your resonant cord within your cellular patterning.
  • Align every cell of your being with frequencies that occurred while experiencing Level 5.
  • Use the mind reset button to get out of the undesired emotions, we put into the bookshelf in Level 3.
  • Shed all undesired emotions and feelings and bask in the light of positive energies.....make notes and continue to expand your level of self awareness and consciousness.