Accessing and understanding the CODE


The must have application, Level 4, on the quest to awake and quench your Higher Self to utilize and access Ancient Wisdom and knowledge.

In order to Utilize Ancient Wisdom and access the CODE, we have to step away from the present day conventional mindset and programming or conditioning. Our birth right is CHOICE and FREE WILL!
The natural pathway is connecting to the Ancient Wisdom, by re establishing and re discovering your natural state of MIND and all it's cellular information storage. Utilizing such knowledge is from the connection within, energetically experienced in Level 1, with established energy flow from the Quantum field. The choice to experience all of it up to this point, is within YOU.

With this Utilize application, you will be able to enhance, understand and expand your experience and AWARENESS within the Quantum Field connection. It is not a group endeavour to experience - it is an individual connection with your inner SELF!
In gaining understanding and realizing your potential, you will enhance your experience and the connection level between you and the Quantum Field. Accesss and approach the Gateway to the CODE and heighten your awareness level.  This Level 4 taps into unconditional love connections, self love and acceptance, as well as positive sense of self worth.
In utilizing this Level 4, you can progress your capabilities of understanding about the simplicity of Universal opportunities.

Now escalate to higher frequency and vibrational levels.

Reflections about The Utilizer, Level 4

  • Recognize what is REAL and what is not, find the true essence of information, make notes where you got all of your information in the past (i.e Media, educational institution, etc)
  • Look through the notes that you have taken within Level 1 - 3 and identify changes in your thought patterns and your state of MIND.
  • Tap into the possibility of your full potential, identifying and filtering false information collected on your life pathway, growing from a infantile state to present day.....make notes about information which turned out to be false.
  • Make notes about your possible accelerating experiences and understanding about the importance of self love and acceptance.
  • Exercise to develop and heighten your senses:
  • Chew on a raisin for 15 minutes during a meditation, stare into a beautiful rose for 20 minutes and make notes about your sensations.... create more stimuli all by yourself and share your experiences with your peers